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The Skin I’m In Released on Fandor

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THE SKIN I’M IN is now a featured spotlight film on Fandor, an extraordinary subscription viewing platform here in the U.S. that includes independent, experimental, and art house cinema from across the globe. Unlike Netflix, they also program short films, and have included 2 early short works by director Broderick Fox in their viewing collection as well–HOME and THINGS GIRLS DO.

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Also check out Fandor’s fantastic blog Keyframe which features Skin Deep and Deeper an extended interview with Fox by columnist Susan Gerhard.

A child photographer who grew into a full-fledged self-reflexive 21st-century cine-autobiographer, Broderick Fox has occupied many identities, and his latest—THE SKIN I’M IN—is not so much an integration of those identities as a coming-to-terms with the plural possibilities of a life. Read full article


EDGE on the Net review of THE SKIN I’M IN DVD Release

Edge on the Net

Check out the great review of THE SKIN I’M IN’s DVD release in EDGE ON THE NET.

Fox offers his story with no sense of self-importance — this is not a vanity project. Rather, this film will speak to anyone who has felt shattered and engaged in the struggle to become whole. Fox shares his triumphs and his fears; from his story we might draw solace, even strength. Read full review

Harvardwood Interview with THE SKIN I’M IN director Broderick Fox



Thanks to Harvardwood, the Harvard University Entertainment Industry Affinity Group for this great interview, which comes out the week of our international iTunes digital and Amazon DVD release as well as the homecoming Los Angeles Premiere of THE SKIN I’M IN as part of LA Filmforum at the historic Egyptian Theater.

Q: In your film, you have a running theme of searching for spirituality. Where would you say your perspective stands now and how is it different from when you first began filming?

A: There are many different religions and philosophies that all seem to point to the same thing. Some people call it consciousness. I’ve come to realize that all of the pain in my life has come from separating myself from the rest of the world, creating duality. Feeling different or less than and withdrawing; looking to things like alcohol to fill a void rather than confronting pain or the aspects of life and culture that are causing it. In getting the tattoo and making this film, I now realize I created a pretty incredible rite of passage for myself, which has proven to be spiritual.  Read full interview here

Anthem Magazine Interview with THE SKIN I’M IN Director Broderick Fox

Thanks to Anthem Magazine and writer Kee Chang for this great interview leading up to the Oct. 1, 2013  International Digital Release of THE SKIN I’M IN on iTunes and Amazon.

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In 2005, at the age of 31, Broderick Fox was found unconscious on the tracks of a Berlin subway station with his head split open and a lethal blood alcohol level of 0.47. As it turns out, Fox had destroyed an entire bottle of vodka and later proceeded to fall onto the tracks—a walking blackout. The Skin I’m In concerns a human work-in-progress chronicling decades of bodily shame, addiction and suppressed sexual identity, which led to what Fox refers to as “the bottom”. Read full article