Digital Discourse Gets Dirty: David Duran’s “I’m Sorry my HIV Offends You”

A thoughtful Huffington Post article by David Duran critiquing digital discourse in the gay community, particularly around HIV status:

What I find most offensive is the treatment of HIV-positive guys who are online looking for most likely the same thing you are. “I’m clean, UB2.” -The most ignorant statement most commonly found online.

Check out the full text of “I’m Sorry my HIV Offends You” here.

THE SKIN I’M IN: Original Score Available on iTunes


Original Score for THE SKIN I'M IN $10 + $2 s/h

The soundtrack for THE SKIN I’M IN is now available on iTunes, featuring the incredible original score by Ronit Kirchman, and Fox’s musical contribution (track 25) which garnered the album an “explicit” Parental Advisory Rating. Ha!

The music in this big little film is the product of much extraordinary collaboration:


Music Orchestrated and Conducted by

Ronit Kirchman


Orchestra Recorded at Rotosonic Sound, Salt Lake City, UT

by Michael Greene


Music Editor

Scott Johnson


Score Mixer

Mike Roskelley


Music Contractor

Ted Hinckley



Nicholas Greer





Jed Moss



Daron Bradford



Laurence Lowe



Aaron Ashton

Kathryn Collier

Maria Dance

Tina Johnson

Rachael Bower Karr

Katherine Kunz

David Langr

Kathryn Langr

Kendra Lowe

Rebecca Moench

Cynthia Richards

Becky Rogers

Kristiana Sandberg

David Siegel

Janice B. Vincent



Candace Wagner

Emily Brown

Heidi Hicks

Lorraine Larson

Mario E. Ortiz

Elizabeth Wallace



Nicole Pinnell

Desireé Ashworth

Ellen Bridger

Cassie Olson

Brian Stucki



Ben Henderson

Matt Larson

Alexander C. Willey


Violin for “Man with the Movie Camera” sequence, guitars, synthesizers and all other instruments performed and programmed by Ronit Kirchman


This soundtrack was supported by a grant from the Sundance Institute Film Music Program with additional support from the Sundance Institute/Time Warner Foundation, Inc. Fellowship Program.
Sundance Institute Victoria Film Festival 2013 Interview – THE SKIN I’M IN director Broderick Fox

Victoria Film Festival 2013 Interview – THE SKIN I’M IN director Broderick Fox

by Jason Whyte

THE SKIN I'M IN producer Lee Biolos, MATERIAL SUCCESS director Jesse Mann, and THE SKIN I'M IN director Broderick Fox at the 2013 Victoria Film Festival Opening Gala.

THE SKIN I’M IN producer Lee Biolos, MATERIAL SUCCESS director Jesse Mann, and THE SKIN I’M IN director Broderick Fox at the 2013 Victoria Film Festival Opening Gala. Photo by Jason Whyte


Please tell me about the technical side of the film; your relation to the film’s cinematographer, what the film was shot on and why it was decided to be photographed this way.

I shot much of the project myself. It also pulls from a lifelong archive of video, film, and photographic imagery I shot growing up. As such it contains a dizzying array of formats including Super 8 film, VHS, Hi-8, Mini DV, SD Video, and HDV. Two wonderful friends from film school shot key materials; Sarah Levy, shot my first trip up to Victoria to meet Rande and also filmed the sit-down interviews with my multiple “selves.” Andrew Groves shot nearly all the tattoo sessions for me, 29 hours of tattooing all told. It was a real gift to have the camera operators in these intimate situations be close friends whom I trust implicitly. In a few additional instances other friends, a former student, and my partner picked up the camera when needed. People have called the project a very big “little film,” and I hope it inspires others to pick up the tools and technologies at their disposal to tell great stories.


Read full interview here




Filmmaker is a Fox with Many Faces: Victoria Times-Colonist Review of THE SKIN I’M IN






JANUARY 30, 2013



What: The Skin I’m In

Where: Vic Theatre

When: Saturday, 9:30 p.m.

Rating: Four stars (out of five)



Broderick Fox never imagined he might someday be mistaken for Antonio Banderas.

Online searches for his documentary The Skin I’m In, which makes its Canadian première at the Victoria Film Festival, often yield references to The Skin I Live In. In that twisted thriller directed by Pedro Almodovar, Banderas plays a sinister plastic surgeon who holds a beautiful woman captive to test a synthetic alternative to human skin he’s perfecting.

Fox’s unflinching low-tech reflection on years of bodily shame, addiction and other issues that inspired him to transform his body into a living canvas seems worlds apart from Almodovar’s sleek, creepy meditation on beauty. But a Spanish film scholar who once mentored Fox noted the films resonate in similar ways, he said.

Both, for instance, explore the nature of identity. In Fox’s case, it was the spiritual and sexual ramifications of identity that would unite him with Rande Cook, the Victoria-based First Nations artist who created the full-back tattoo that memorializes Fox’s experiences.

“There are a lot of people who might write the film off as narcissistic,” admits Fox, 38, who worked on his project for six years and titled it early on. Read full article here.


Monday Magazine Previews THE SKIN I’M IN

Victoria Film Festival preview: The Skin I’m In

By Colin Cayer – Monday Magazine
Published: January 30, 2013 4:00 PM

“There’s this fine line. There are native artists that consider everything to be sacred, yet they’ll sell it for a buck,” says Cook who needed to find a way that still felt right to support himself through his art and culture. He was left with one choice. “I had to create a new art form,” Cook says.

Instead of using sacred items representing the spirits of land, sky and ocean, Cook turned to the ancestral stories learned from his grandparents and interpreted their imagery — no desecration required.

This art form is what attracted film professor Broderick Fox. His film, The Skin I’m In, is an official selection at this year’s Victoria Film Fest. Read full article.

Broderick Fox sought out Victoria, BC artist Rande Cook in The Skin I'm In.

Broderick Fox sought out Victoria, BC artist Rande Cook in The Skin I’m In.





THE SKIN I’M IN a “Quick Pick” of the 2013 Victoria Film Festival Program

The Skin I'm In is a 2013 Victoria Film Festival Quick Pick

THE SKIN I’M IN is one of Juror Barbara Hager’s Quick Picks for the 2013 Victoria International Film Festival. Check out all 19 staff/juror picks of the festival via the link below, and we’ll see you at the SKIN screening on Feb 2. 9:30 PM at The Vic!


Victoria Film Festival and Alcheringa Gallery Partner for Canadian Premiere of THE SKIN I’M IN

The Victoria Film Festival has just announced that the Canadian premiere of THE SKIN I’M IN on Saturday February 2nd, 2013 will be accompanied by an exhibition of the film’s featured artist, Victoria’s own Rande Cook, at Alcheringa Gallery. The exhibition will run February 2-10.

Check out the gallery show and then join us for the screening of THE SKIN I’M IN, 9:30PM at The Vic Theater.

**Filmmaker Broderick Fox, executive producer Lee Biolos, and Rande Cook will be in attendance**

Full details, addresses, and directions, along with information on  what promises to be an extraordinary film festival program are accessible on the Victoria Film Festival Website:

THE SKIN I’M IN screens at Visible Evidence XIX

National Film and Sound Archive at ANU in Canberra, Australia

Lively discussion around THE SKIN I’M IN after its screening at VISIBLE EVIDENCE XIX this afternoon. Screened in a beautiful art deco theater at the National Film and Sound Archive on the Australia National University campus in Canberra.

Visible Evidence is an amazing conference of documentary practitioners and scholars from around the world, convening for four days annually to present critical papers, screen works, and have conversations. More info here:

I had the chance to wear both my maker and scholar hats delivering a paper after the screening on performativity and autobiography as documentary strategies.

Such a special opportunity for me to screen and discuss SKIN with makers and scholars I’ve long admired and whom I use in the classroom with students.