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Dpcumentary MEdia: History, Theory, PracticeWhether you are a professional filmmaker, an educator, or someone curious about the history and practice of documentary, DOCUMENTARY MEDIA: History, Theory, Practice, now out in its second editing from Routledge, will open up your perceptions of documentary and its social functions.

The book grounds production within history, culture, technique, and ethics. Each chapter’s “Into Practice” section serves up three distinct types of activities, fostering:

• Analysis of existing media

• Development of your own documentary treatment, aesthetic plan, and pre-production strategy

• Production exercises that do not require access to specialized equipment

The book has been adopted as the official text of several undergraduate and graduate documentary studies professors in the United States and Australia.

I hope that reading the book and engaging in its exercises inspires you to become a more active spectator and an innovative maker of documentary media in a digital age where the art, politics, and possibilities of representing reality have never been more diverse and vital.


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