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Screening of ‘Skin I’m In’ more than skin-deep


Screening of ‘Skin I’m In’ more than skin-deep

Art and the power of transformation in Professor Broderick Fox’s newest documentary

By Vivien Reece

Identity is not a fixed thing, according to Fox. “There is that myth of the one harmonious individual,” Fox said, alluding to the idea that people should all look and behave similarly. This false idea of a single ideal identity caused him pain and confusion growing up and even through his documentary project. “A lot of heartache came from a search for identity. But identity is changing; there is no fixed destination,” he said. Just like art, Fox said, “Identity is a form of play and experimentation. We are always performing and changing, and there is a joy in that too.” Read full article

THE SKIN I’M IN sneak preview screening at Occidental College

File Image: Prof. Broderick Fox, Occidental CollegeThorne Hall, Occidental College

A nice writeup on the preview screening of THE SKIN I’M IN at Occidental College:

“I would love to make this advance screening an event that brings together all members of the Occidental community along with the alums and community partners I’ve worked with over my time at Oxy,” Fox said.  Fox has been teaching at Oxy since 2004 and enjoys keeping in touch with many of his former students.

 February 22, Thorne Hall 7-9:30 PM on the Occidental Campus: 1600 Campus Road LA, CA 90041

Professor Brody Fox talks about his tattoos, their meanings, and how they’ve helped him in his life’s journey.


Advance Screening of Powerful Film

Professor Brody Fox talks about his tattoos, their meanings, and how they’ve helped him in his life’s journey.

Chances are you know someone who has a tattoo.  You may not know they have it, but there are enough people in the U.S. who have them that you know at least one of them.  Have you ever asked someone about why they got the tattoo they did?  What it’s meaning was?  When I’ve done it, I’ve gotten a mixture of responses from “I don’t know, I just think it looks cool” to “I wanted to commemorate my cousin/sibling/friend who died in Afghanistan.”  Other people have used it to mark a struggle.  Professor Brody Fox has gotten a tattoo or two in his life and with much more intentionality than most people.  Read full article

Broderick Fox one of 13 California Artists to Receive Artistic Innovation Grant.

Center for CUltural Innovation Logo

Broderick Fox was one of 13 California artists awarded a 2011 Artistic Innovation Grant form the Center for Cultural Innovation for his documentary THE SKIN I’M IN. Read the flu CCI press release here.

A great writeup from Occidental College on the award can be found here:

“One of the challenges of making autobiographical work is that I’ve been laboring in isolation on this project for close to six years now,” Fox says. “Of course you have to believe in your work and believe what you’re trying to do is innovative in order to find the energy to continue pushing forward. But having The Skin I’m In be awarded a grant for artistic innovation by a selection committee comprised of other artists is a very special sort of affirmation.”