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Simon Moritz – What I Learned From Gay Sex: Misogyny and Homophobia

A former student of mine shared this great blog post by Simon Moritz, a Paris-based grad student, writer, and queer activist. Entitled, “What I Learned From Gay Sex: Misogyny and Homophobia” it explores the internalized misogyny and homophobia many gay men inflict upon themselves and others in their struggles with performances of “masculinity” and conceptions of manhood. An excerpt:

Typically we say that “fag,” “sissy,” “nancy,” “nelly” and “fairy” are homophobic words, and although they certainly are used to perpetuate homophobia, they are not homophobic in and of themselves; the usage of any of these words as slurs usually targets people with male-sexed bodies who do not act sufficiently masculine. They prize masculinity by demonizing femininity. Read full article here



Digital Discourse Gets Dirty: David Duran’s “I’m Sorry my HIV Offends You”

A thoughtful Huffington Post article by David Duran critiquing digital discourse in the gay community, particularly around HIV status:

What I find most offensive is the treatment of HIV-positive guys who are online looking for most likely the same thing you are. “I’m clean, UB2.” -The most ignorant statement most commonly found online.

Check out the full text of “I’m Sorry my HIV Offends You” here.

Community as Family: Father’s Letter Disowning Gay Son Goes Viral

One of the reasons the idea of a gay community is so important becomes clear in this letter from a father disowning his gay son. Our family units are such a vital foundation for a sense of identity and place, and even in 2012, this letter (http://huff.to/MPEk1A)  serves as a painful reminder of the number of LGBT young people who are still denied as sense of family and home. For so many LGBT individuals, a real sense of family comes from a cohort of individuals who support and love them beyond any biological ties—families of their own design. I’m lucky to have both iterations of family in my life. My own parents and their amazing growth and continued support figure centrally in THE SKIN I’M IN. I hope their example can serve as a source of strength and guidance to other parents struggling to come to terms with the identity and essential nature of their child.

Huffpost article father's letter disowning gay son