Original Score for THE SKIN I'M IN $10 + $2 s/h

The soundtrack for THE SKIN I’M IN is now available on iTunes, featuring the incredible original score by Ronit Kirchman, and Fox’s musical contribution (track 25) which garnered the album an “explicit” Parental Advisory Rating. Ha!

The music in this big little film is the product of much extraordinary collaboration:


Music Orchestrated and Conducted by

Ronit Kirchman


Orchestra Recorded at Rotosonic Sound, Salt Lake City, UT

by Michael Greene


Music Editor

Scott Johnson


Score Mixer

Mike Roskelley


Music Contractor

Ted Hinckley



Nicholas Greer





Jed Moss



Daron Bradford



Laurence Lowe



Aaron Ashton

Kathryn Collier

Maria Dance

Tina Johnson

Rachael Bower Karr

Katherine Kunz

David Langr

Kathryn Langr

Kendra Lowe

Rebecca Moench

Cynthia Richards

Becky Rogers

Kristiana Sandberg

David Siegel

Janice B. Vincent



Candace Wagner

Emily Brown

Heidi Hicks

Lorraine Larson

Mario E. Ortiz

Elizabeth Wallace



Nicole Pinnell

Desireé Ashworth

Ellen Bridger

Cassie Olson

Brian Stucki



Ben Henderson

Matt Larson

Alexander C. Willey


Violin for “Man with the Movie Camera” sequence, guitars, synthesizers and all other instruments performed and programmed by Ronit Kirchman


This soundtrack was supported by a grant from the Sundance Institute Film Music Program with additional support from the Sundance Institute/Time Warner Foundation, Inc. Fellowship Program.
Sundance Institute